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Holiness Revolution Retreats

Take Courage And Fight: (CONFIRMATION RETREAT)

This retreat is geared towards teaching the true meaning of the Sacrament of Confirmation. It aims at teaching young people that Confirmation is a Sacrament of Strengthening that commissions Christians to spread and defend the Kingdom of God


Using the radical teachings of John Paul II’s Love and Responsibility and Theology of the Body this retreat aims at teaching youth the true meaning of love and human sexuality. The retreat strives to break the chains of Satan’s lies and deceptions with regard to human sexuality and brings youth people into the freedom of authentic life and love.


Is your parish or school community broken because of bullying? Are they failing to embrace the Catholic identity you are striving to build? Then teach them that they are dignified! This retreat is designed to help students learn to love one another as brothers and sisters of Christ.


This retreat is based on the many Kingdom of God parables in the Gospel of Matthew. It brings people in touch with the King Himself and trains them to serve and build His Kingdom.

Holiness Revolution Leadership Retreat

Youth driven youth ministry is much more effective than adult driven youth ministry. If you want your ministry to grow and flourish – use the youth! This retreat is designed to equip your teens with the Christian leadership skills they need in order to truly start a revolution of holiness in your parish!

Holiness Revolution Evangelization Retreat

Evangelization isn’t just a word for protestants and Popes. Every baptized Catholic is call to evangelize. This retreat calls your youth into the mission of evangelization and equips them with a number of tools as to how to evangelize.

Holiness Revolution Social Justice Retreat

At the heart of the Holiness Revolution is bringing about a change to this world. This retreat is designed to call youth to radical conversion and radical action. This world should look like the kingdom of God and we are the ones that help this happen. This retreat looks at the pro-life movement, care for the poor and needy, world hunger, and evangelization.

Holiness Revolution Youth Rallies

The Holiness revolution team is willing and able to come into your school or diocese and coordinate a Rally for your students. We are flexible and work with your desired themes. We can supply a music, dramas, speakers, icebreakers, games, activities, or anything else you ask for. In order to plan a Diocesan Youth Rally, the best thing to do is contact and have a conversation about what you are looking for!

Holiness Revolution Parish Missions

Parish Mission Theme: Holiness Revolution

• Night 1: The Holiness Revolution: The world is in desperate need of a complete and radical change which can only be brought about by holiness. This presentation will challenge parishioners to embrace Pope Benedict’s call for a Revolution of Holiness that is brought about through the holiness of the saints. This revolution is about seeking holiness and seeking mission for the Kingdom of God.
• Night 2: Jesus – The Model Revolutionary: One of the greatest problems in the world today is that people worship a false image of Jesus Christ. Jesus is viewed by many to be a peaceful hippy wanting to spread the ‘doctrine of niceness and tolerance’ to the world. This is not the Jesus Christians are called to worship! Jesus was ultimately a man who suffered and died for us! This talk is all about coming to know the real Jesus and embracing His revolutionary spirit for the Kingdom.
• Night 3: The Revolution of Your Heart: This talk is about embracing initial and continual conversion in your life. The world needs a change, and the change starts with you. We need to be a people who seek conversion through prayer and sacraments so that we are strengthened and empowered to build the Kingdom. It’s about bringing a change to your own life that will transform the world.
• Night 4: Freedom in Christ Jesus: This talk will be about seeking Jesus’ healing mercy and freedom in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Christ wants to give us freedom from our sin and that freedom is at our disposal. This talk will also look at the 7 deadly sins and the virtues that overcome them. Virtue brings freedom!

Parish Mission Theme: Alive In Christ

• Night 1: Becoming Alive: This talk is aimed at waking us sleeping and dormant Christians up to be renewed by Christ. The talk encouraged parishioners to find Christ and embrace the fullness of life He is longing to give them! Ultimately, Jesus is everything and He longs to wake us up to His incredible life and love. He wants to give us more than what we have right now!
• Night 2: Jesus is Lord: This talk focuses on making Jesus the Lord of your life, surrendering everything you have over to Him. Love as great as His demands a response, and the natural response is your life! Ultimately, since Jesus is everything, we should give Him everything. If we only humble ourselves and allow Jesus to be the LORD of our life – then we will truly be able to know what it means to be alive in Christ and alive for Christ!
• Night 3: Encountering the Living God: In order to be Alive in Christ and Alive for Christ we need to know who Jesus Christ is, and know Him intimately. Jesus doesn’t want us to only know about Him, but He wants us to have a deep and abiding relationship with Him. This talk focuses on encountering the very relatable and personal God, Jesus Christ, and encountering Him as Love Himself. It will look at different biblical encounters with Christ and then relate how we can encounter Him daily through the Holy Mass, prayer, adoration, reconciliation, etc.
• Night 4: New Life in Christ: This talk focuses on finding New Life in Christ through the healing power of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and on living this new life in Christ through the grace and power of the Holy Spirit. This will challenge parishioners to live as people consumed by Christ, living every second of every day for, with, by, and through Jesus Christ.

Parish Mission Theme: The Kingdom of God (Focus on the Gospel of Matthew)

• Night 1: The Kingdom of God is at Hand: This talk looks at John the Baptist and His mission of preaching on repentance. It calls parishioners to realize that the Kingdom of God is at hand and that we need to make ourselves ready for this reality. It speaks on priorities and total dependence on God. The talk incorporates the Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds and provides a meditation on what weeds in our life are choking out the wheat.
• Night 2: Christ the King: One of the greatest problems in the world today is that people worship a false image of Jesus Christ. Jesus is viewed by many to be a peaceful hippy wanting to spread the ‘doctrine of niceness and tolerance’ to the world. This is not the Jesus Christians are called to worship! Jesus was ultimately the greatest king to ever live, the King of Kings, who suffered and died for us! This talk is all about coming to know Christ the King and embracing His mission to bring about the Kingdom of God.
• Night 3: What’s your Treasure? The Kingdom of God is a Priceless Treasure, the Pearl of Great Price. However, so many of us live for this world and the passing and fleeting treasures of this world. We are called to find this treasure and give our entire lives over to this treasure. This talk will incorporate the Rich Young Man and his attachment to this world and our call to seek true and lasting treasure in Heaven.
• Night 4: Living as a Kingdom People This talk will focus on two things. First, it will focus on striving to live the fullness of life lived by the saints. This fullness of life is founded and strengthened through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Secondly, the talk will focus on living as the saints who seek to bring the Kingdom of God to this world through Social Justice and Evangelization. Kingdom people discover the King’s Will for their life and respond to it! THY KINGDOM COME!

Ministry to Parents

Ever been in that situation where you’re pulling your hair out wondering ‘Why don’t they get it!? They’re parents – don’t they see what they do has an impact on how their kids live?’
Holiness Revolution can wake parents up to seeing their marriage and family life as a mission, both earthly and heavenly!


• The Mission of the Family
• Building a Family Mission Statement
• Teens Culture Crisis
• Dating is for Marriage
• Married Spirituality