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Dan’s Bio

Dan DeMatte is a speaker and evangelist who challenges young men and women of today to live a life of radical holiness – A holiness that produces saints, not mere mediocre Catholics. Dan is married to Amber Marie and together they have three beautiful children. Dan is a Youth Minister, national speaker and retreat leader, and program director for a high adventure youth camp (Catholic Youth Summer Camp) aimed at drawing young people into the adventure of their Catholic faith. He starred in A&E’s reality TV show, God or the Girl, he defended the Church on Larry King Live and The View, and he has shared his testimony on the Today Show. He holds undergraduate degrees in Theology and Philosophy and has nearly completed his Masters Degree in Evangelization from the Pontifical College Josephinum.

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Dan’s Talks

The Revolution of Holiness

The Revolution of Holiness! This is not only a talk – it is a movement! This presentation will draw young people into the newest Catholic movement across America – The Revolution of Holiness. This revolution is about seeking holiness and seeking mission for the Kingdom of God. Every one of your teens will want to flee from sin and take action in their church, school, and community! This presentation is loaded with professional video clips, innovative ideas, and incredible inspiration!

The Rebel Jesus

One of the greatest problems in the world today is that people worship a false image of Jesus Christ. Jesus is viewed by many to be a peaceful hippy wanting to spread the ‘doctrine of niceness and tolerance’ to the world. This is not the Jesus Christians are called to

worship! Jesus was ultimately a rebel who suffered and died for us! This talk is the basic Gospel message of the suffering and death of Jesus and the redemption of all people – but such that you have never heard it before! This talk is all about making your teens fall deeper in love with Jesus Christ!

Prayer DARE

It has been said that prayer is a dangerous thing because it is an encounter with the living God. This talk is aimed at motivating your audience to begin an active daily prayer life that will change their lives, and change the world! Invite your audience to this intense mission of prayer, if you dare. The D.A.R.E. is to Do It Every day, Ask where you need to be changed, Respond to what God is calling you to, and Expect great things!

Called to Greatness

So often we settle and live lives of mediocrity, but God does not call us to mediocrity, He calls us to greatness. This talk looks at the power of fa

ith and the powerful realization that Jesus wants to use you and I to change the world! It challenges people to live with faith and trust that God is going to accomplish great things through them!

Take Courage and Be A Man (Men’s Talk)

This talk is designed to help build boys into men of God. It confronts head on the sins that all young men struggle within their purity, language, and action. It untwists the lies of machoism and American feminism. It paints the picture of a Christian man as a man of virtue, action, purity, and leadership. Men’s hearts will be changed and they will eagerly desire to be a man of God, not a man of this world. A woman’s talk from Dan’s wife, Amber, can accompany this talk. The title of the talk is ‘The BeYOUtiful Revolution.’