Live the Adventure

Catholic Youth Summer Camp

“Join me and other revolutionaries every summer as we live the adventure of our faith.  Catholic Youth Summer Camp has always been and continues to be a place where disciples are formed and missionaries are sent.  Do you want to bring the revolution to your city?  Spend a week living the revolution with others to prepare yourself!” – Dan DeMatte

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“Each summer, I help run a high-adventure summer camp for junior high and high school youth called Catholic Youth Summer Camp.  Our mission at Catholic Youth Summer Camp is to provide a week of high-adventure activities that are used to propel the youth into a high-adventure relationship with Jesus Christ the adventure of the sacramental life and mission of the Church, the adventure of faith, discipleship, and evangelization.

We ride Jet Skis and go water tubing, we play paintball and go mountain boarding.  We strap people inside of twelve foot tall inflatable hamster balls and roll them down a twenty-seven foot ramp.  We throw kids into a mud pit and cover their bodies with paint.  But ultimately, the real adventure we have at camp is living our faith well.  Christianity is not passive.  It’s not inactive.  There is absolutely nothing boring about our faith.  The life of discipleship is the greatest adventure we could ever hope to live.  When we answer God’s call for our lives, we set out on the adventure of a lifetime and experience unforeseeable and unimaginable joy…”

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